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Phire Labs

Phire Labs is an extraction and distribution company in the California recreational and medical cannabis industry. With 30 years of combined experience, our team is composed of cannabis industry veterans in the manufacturing and retail sectors with multiple Cannabis Cup Awards Phire Labs set a mission to commercialize cannabis concentrates, as these products are the  cleanest, most accessible way to consume the beneficial components of the cannabis plant. Phire Labs holds an active California Department of Health Manufacturing License and a California Bureau of Cannabis Control Distribution License.  

Utilizing state-of- the-art equipment and innovative extraction methods, we are proud to offer our services to licensed cultivations and cannabis brands to produce connoisseur-craft extracts for the burgeoning cannabis industry. We pride ourselves on our commitment to consistent quality, rapid turnaround times, and experienced guidance throughout the entire process, from harvest and material prep to final extraction and packaging.

Five Pillars of Success

• We focus exclusively on cannabis extracts.

• We are at the forefront of cannabis genetics and cultivation/extraction techniques.

• We use rigorous tracking methods with an utmost emphasis on compliance and transparency.

• We are known for our impeccable quality control.

• We have an ethical approach to our processes.

Phire Labs Products
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Concentrate Products

We use state of the art hydrocarbon and solvent less processes to produce high quality concentrate products. 

Live Resin Badder_9168.jpg
Live Resin Batter

Our Batter is carefully extracted using custom hydrocarbon blends

Live Rosin Fresh Pressed

The cold cured hash is oxygenated and homogenized by hand whipping

Live Resin Diamonds

Full spectrum extract consists of beautiful, THC-A crystals

Live Rosin Cold Cured

Our solventless rosin is produced using surgical grade stainless steel extraction equipment

Distillate Products

Our experience coupled with state of the art equipment allows us to produce highly potent distillate product.

Vape Cartridges and Batteries
Uno Pod Live Resin

Our premium pod-based cartridges feature full spectrum extract

Uno Pod Live Rosin

Pure and additive free pods made using genuine CCELL hardware

Disposable Live Resin

Carefully extracted using custom hydrocarbon blends & equipment

Disposable Live Rosin

Carefully extracted using custom hydrocarbon blends & equipment

510 Vape Cartridges

Our ultra high purity distillate creates a much more refined product

Uno & 510 Batteries

industry standard 510 battery by CCELL

Our Process

Phire Labs is an extraction and distribution company in the California recreational and medical cannabis industry. 

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Sourcing the Flower

We focus exclusively on canabis extracts. We never use PGRs or any process that could alter the flavor of our hash.


Our state-of-the-art facility features industry leading extraction equipment


Packaging & Storing

Our custom built refrigerated storage ensures your product tastes the same as the day it was made.

Delivery of Product

Phire Labs delivers its product in custom refrigerated vehicles.


Dispensary Shelving

Our featued retail partners use refrigerated hash displays to ensure quality and potency.

Live Resin

Our state-of-the-art custom built hydrocarbon extraction rooms ensure a consistent product every batch. With industry leading peer reviewed surgical grade stainless steel extraction equipment, you can rest assured your concentrate is of medical quality even when being used recreationally.


We only source laboratory instrument grade hydrocarbon solvents which combined with our meticulous post processing ensures the cleanest most potent live resin concentrates on the market.     

Live Rosin

Phire Labs Solventless Live Rosin features a high-quality low yield solventless extraction process. Our custom built sanitary solventless extraction room provides the perfect environment for processing and pressing our single sourced fresh frozen flower. Our rosin press incorporates surgical grade stainless steel plates with customized temperature and pressure settings which helps preserve the delicate terpene profiles we all love so much. Phire Labs believes certain strains are enjoyed best fresh pressed while others taste best after going through our cold cure badder process.   

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Our Support

Have a question about brewing or Equipment?

A team of Phire Labs is just an email anyway

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